Contains fixes for all reported bugs up to end of September 2016.

General Release info:
No new enhancements, bug fix maintenance release only

None in this release

* Fixed a rounding error (<2%) that occurred when converting to m Water and m Water gauge.
* Improved the chart visibility of slug region in two-phase flow pattern maps, previously part of the area was overwritten by elongated bubble regime.
* Fixed a bug in outlet velocity calculation when phase change occurs within a pipe.
* Fixed a bug that caused phase change within a pipe when Heat Loss Model = “Ignore Heat Loss/Gain”, without taking into account heat of vaporization.
* Fixed a bug that caused flow reversal at known flow nodes out of a network at very high specified flows i.e. many times greater than sonic flow.
* Fortis Only – Overcome the instability caused by the discontinuities in the Universal Gas Sizing Equation for control valves.
* Fixed a bug which shows gauge pressure results incorrectly if atmospheric pressure is changed.