Take a total system design approach with the most comprehensive and easy to use pipe flow software available.

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Solve ANY pipe flow problem

Consider liquid, gas, two-phase, slurry or non-Newtonian fluids from a single solution. FluidFlow is easy-to-use and equips you with all the tools needed to design or analyze safe, reliable and energy efficient pipe flow systems. Accelerate your design process with automatic equipment sizing technology to API & ISO standards.

Accuracy of results

The results generated by FluidFlow are rigorously tested and verified against published data and real-world operating systems on a continuous basis. An extensive library of ‘Quality Assurance’ test models are also installed with the software. FluidFlow offers the very latest solution technology and has been used successfully in industry since first launched in 1984.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of our business ethic. From software design approach through to released product, FluidFlow is developed to the highest quality and standard. We are also a fully accredited ISO 9001 company.


FluidFlow customers attest to a short learning curve of just a few hours. A library of supplementary documents and videos enable users to realise the full benefit of the software. FluidFlow’s ease-of-use significantly reduces design time, allowing you to spend more time interrogating and optimizing systems.

A highly intuitive user interface combined with a free database of over 1200 fluids and over 800 equipment components has helped engineers get to grips with the program quickly. New fluids (including petroleum fractions), fluid mixtures and components can be quickly and easily added to the database.

Still using spreadsheets?

Spreadsheet based piping calculations are often error prone. FluidFlow eliminates such errors and helps you design efficient and reliable plant using correctly sized equipment. Comprehensive fluid and equipment databases allow you to accurately design, analyze or troubleshoot any pipe flow system.

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“Over the past 4 years, our office has used FluidFlow to design both simple and complex fluid systems for the mining industry. Compared to spreadsheet based calculations, FluidFlow allows us to more quickly develop complex fluid networks from concept to detailed design . For projects shared between offices, the visual software interface and calculation outputs streamline the peer review process. The technical support from Flite Software NI Ltd has been excellent. We consistently receive near immediate responses from the FluidFlow team for technical questions ranging from model setup to licensing issues.”

— Worley Parsons, Sudbury, Canada

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