FluidFlow is a pipe flow calculator which is used to perform fluid flow analysis in piping systems featuring heat exchangers, orifice plates, control valves, pumps, venturi flow meters and equipment items.

The software is easy to use and supported by an experienced team of engineers which are always willing to lend a helping hand.


FluidFlow is a modular pipe flow calculator

Available calculation modules include

  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Two-Phase
  • Non Newtonian and Settling Slurry
  • Scripting (Dynamic Analysis)


FluidFlow Liquid Module

The FluidFlow Liquid Module is a water flow calculator which allows you to define vendor equipment to a database such as pumps, control valves, pumps, venturi flow meters etc. When defining pumps, you can enter your vendor-specific pump curves to the database which will be stored for all your modeling projects. You can then model the performance of the pump in your system.


The software enables designers to complete fluid flow simulation studies in an instant and automatically size equipment, taking the pain out of your design projects.


Flow Measurement In Piping Systems

FluidFlow is a flow calculator which allows you to understand flow measurement in your piping systems. You can input data obtained from a site pressure test to a model and understand exactly how your piping system is performing.


FluidFlow solves the continuity of mass, energy and momentum equations. You can clearly view result for flow rate, pressure, pressure loss, velocity, density, viscosity, temperature, Reynolds number and friction factor.