Geothermal Power Plants.

Geothermal power plants utilise hot water and steam from deep underground dry steam or hot water wells which is piped upwards and used to generate electricity. Technologies used in geothermal power plants typically includes dry steam, flash steam or binary

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Non-Newtonian Fluids

Non-Newtonian fluids are encountered in a wide and varied range of industrial processes including food, mining and minerals, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper processing and other products in the form of pastes, slurries, concentrated solid suspensions or emulsions. Examples include coal

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FluidFlow v3.40

General Release info: Control Valves: Improved consistency of calculated valve position and valve coefficient over the complete operating range. Polyethylene pipes, new pipe sizes added. Petroleum fraction properties, NBP050 to NPB450 range added to fluids database. Changes Added back a

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FluidFlow v3.39

General Release info: Calculation procedures for viscosity correction method for centrifugal pumps has been updated to HI 2015 guidelines Bug Fix: Units m Water g and mm Water g went missing in V3.38. Now reinstated.

FluidFlow v3.38

Contains fixes for all reported bugs up to end of September 2016. General Release info: No new enhancements, bug fix maintenance release only Enhancements None in this release Bugs * Fixed a rounding error (<2%) that occurred when converting to
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Two-Phase Flow

Gas-liquid two-phase pipe flow is of significant importance in a wide range of engineering industries such as steam generators, chemical process plant, distillation processes and heat transfer systems. The design of these systems is often a complex phenomenon Using suitable

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FluidFlow v3.37

Primarily a release for Fortis, including all requested logging and database enhancements, bug fixes regarding gas reducers, and series choking. General Release info: Enhancements Added the ability to automatically adjust atmospheric pressure for altitude. Options -> Calculation-> Global Settings. Bugs Fixed
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