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Learn to analyze and solve complex fluid systems from the experts in the business.

With FluidFlow training, you will gain liquid and gas flow analysis skills and techniques that can cut your learning process in half and increase your productivity.

Our advanced training courses focus on fluid flow theory, software training, and advanced modeling techniques using real-world systems applicable to your industry whether you are new or experienced. We can help you:

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Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to deliver safe, reliable, and energy-efficient designs at all times.

What you'll get

Training Options

Free Basic Training

Learn the basics of hydraulic modeling and the full potential of FluidFlow.

Online Live Training

8-hour Remote Instructor-Led Training

Prices starts at €6000

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On-site live training

16-24 hours of training on-site, up to 24 attendees facilitated by 2 trainers

This course is delivered on-site over two or three days

Prices starts at €14000 - €20000

Note: Excludes Trainer travel expenses

Module Courses

Basic Flowsheet Operations
Basic hydraulic modelling
Familiarize with the Database 
Creating fluids for modelling
Autosize Feature for Liquids
Modelling system with heat transfer effects
Using charts to analyze software output
Liquid Modelling Exercise

Compressible Flow Theory
Compressible Flow Equation in FluidFlow
Gas conditions and Flowrate Definitions
Calculation Settings
Limiting Flow of Compressible Fluids
Gas Mixture
Example Applications
Relief Valve Modeling
Control Valve Design Checkpoints

Introduction to Settling Slurries
Modelling Settling Slurry Pressure drop
Modelling Deposition Velocity
Configuration of Slurry Simulations
Input parameters in settling slurry flow
Output software parameters in settling slurry flow
Typical Slurry Design Procedure
Sample slurry simulations in FluidFlow

Introduction to Hydraulic Calculation
Fluid Properties
Pipe Properties
Basic Equations
Fittings & Minor Losses
Hydraulic Calculation Pressure Terms

All advanced training module includes: Theory Module Course

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