Joule-Thomson Effect (J-T)

To obtain maximum accuracy in gas calculations, particularly in systems where large pressure losses occur, the Joule-Thomson effect needs to be included in the solution. The J-T effect describes the increase or decrease in temperature of a real gas (as

District Cooling Systems

District Cooling Systems – Many countries experience hot summers which impose a need for air conditioning in order to achieve and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Air conditioning has traditionally been provided to buildings by electrically powered air conditioning units

Control Valve Sizing

Control Valve Sizing. The successful operation of process plant and systems involves the highest level of measurement and control performance. Control valves therefore perform a key function in this process. The performance of control valves can have a dramatic effect on
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Closed Loop Systems

Join us on 14th March 2018 for a 30 minute webinar discussing modelling of closed loop piping systems using FluidFlow here In general, there are two main types of systems in which pumps can be installed, open-loop and closed loop