FluidFlow v3.44

General Release summary: This release provides speed improvements at start up and across a network. There are over 250 new components, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, controllers, fluids and pipes added to the databases. This release also contains bug fixes.

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Joule-Thomson Effect (J-T)

To obtain maximum accuracy in gas calculations, particularly in systems where large pressure losses occur, the Joule-Thomson effect needs to be included in the solution. The J-T effect describes the increase or decrease in temperature of a real gas (as

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District Cooling Systems

District Cooling Systems – Many countries experience hot summers which impose a need for air conditioning in order to achieve and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Air conditioning has traditionally been provided to buildings by electrically powered air conditioning units

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Control Valve Sizing

Control Valve Sizing. The successful operation of process plant and systems involves the highest level of measurement and control performance. Control valves therefore perform a key function in this process. The performance of control valves can have a dramatic effect on
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FluidFlow v3.43

General Release summary: The thermodynamic capabilities have been extended for single phase fluids. FluidFlow can now accurately cover all phase regions and enthalpy paths through and from supercritical phase region. Calculations within supercritical region are now valid. This release also

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FluidFlow v3.42

Bugs: Fixed a bug that occured when selecting “mm Water g” OR “m Water g” units.This was originally fixed in V3.39 but regressed in V3.41. New procedures in place to eliminate code regressions.

FluidFlow v3.41

General Release info: Improved pipe heat loss calculation with the addition of new correlation for estimating outside film heat transfer coefficient. Bug fixes. Changes * Crane Tee Junction TP410 pre 2009 relationships. New recommendation is to use for existing/legacy calculations

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