FluidFlow is primarily a maintenance release addressing reported bugs and adding new features requested by our users. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this release. We have updated our control valve calculation code to reflect the very latest Instrumentation Society America ISA-75 Guidelines, this includes choking detection for both liquids and gases.


  • Large networks containing many tee junctions now converge quicker. Note, it is still important to place the branch orientation (red dot) correctly.
  • Improvements made to equipment sizing consistency.
  • All Control Valve Equations now updated from ISA 1985 to ISA 2007 guide. For choked valves a warning is now provided. Added calculation of Cv at liquid choked flow conditions.
  • Added network data caching to improve performance of network version.
  • Added the ability to use visual elements on script forms (labels, list boxes, combo boxes, tabs, grids, etc.).


  • Open pipe exit pressure reverted back to pre 3.31 where stagnation pressure is assumed to be atmospheric.
  • Removed mouse wheel support for the input editor to prevent clashes with flowsheet occurring. Flowsheet now works better using mouse wheel.