Gas-liquid two-phase pipe flow is of significant importance in a wide range of engineering industries such as steam generators, chemical process plant, distillation processes and heat transfer systems. The design of these systems is often a complex phenomenon

Using suitable engineering simulation software can help the engineer design efficient and effective systems, understand plant performance and quickly evaluate alternative design scenarios.

In two-phase flow, the vapor mass fraction is often not constant and there is mass transfer between the fluid phases. FluidFlow takes this into account in your model solution. In fact, you can see the results for inlet and outlet vapor quality for all pipes and elements in your system. Flow pattern maps are generated automatically for all pipe in the system, helping you identify flow regimes and any undesirable operating conditions.

FluidFlow is used successfully by engineers to calculate pressure losses and flow distribution in two-phase pipe flow systems. The simulation software will automatically track fluid phase-state throughout the piping distribution system and the software is provided with a comprehensive database of two-phase fluids, boosters and associated piping equipment. Automatic control valve and equipment sizing is included helping you to accelerate the design process.

FluidFlow is easy to use and new users are provided with a Designer Handbook meaning you can tackle those design projects instantly.

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