General Release summary: This release provides speed improvements at start up and across a network. There are over 250 new components, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, controllers, fluids and pipes added to the databases. This release also contains bug fixes.

General Release info:


* Hundreds of new database entries. Over 180 centrifugal pump models added from KSB, Warman etc. Over 70 positive displacement pump models from SPXFLOW & Fristam added.

* Steel pipes database has been expanded to include additional B36.10M sizes and classifications for existing and new steel pipe sizes.

* 7 new control valves and new fluids including d-limonene, thionyl chloride, AVCAT, AVGAS, and Duratherm XLT-120

* Additions and corrections to help file.


* Velocity Pressures now shown without gauge or absolute unit reference.


* Supercritical -> Liquid and Supercritical -> Gas phase change via a fixed temperature change at any element sometimes predicts incorrect exit phase and incorrect heat loss for a fixed temperature change.

* Now allowable to have viscosity AND affinity law correction together. Was a bug that prevented the 2 effects from occurring together.

* Tee junctions with a fluid change caused instability and non-convergence. Now fixed.

* Intermittent bug in print preview that sometimes caused an error is fixed.

* Fixed head unit inconsistency in EGL and HGL charts.

* For old files containing Liquid Relief valves, the Kd was sometimes not updated for an autosize calculation.

* Fixed scripting error on start-up when Scripting module is not available.

* Added check to stop file being saved to a non-existent folder.