FluidFlow v3.36 (15th March 2016)

A maintenance release fixing bugs reported by users during the period November 2015 to February 2016

* Pumps inline in gravity flow systems now provide a warning if the solution means they act as a turbine and not a pump.

* Fixed a solver bug that resulted in non-convergence of networks that contained many flow and pressure controller combinations.
* Calculation Settings Options Dialog had a bug which sometimes did not reset default values correctly.
* Butane liquid density was incorrect in the Physical Property Database, changed correlation to Spencer-Danner and used a reference density of 624.6 kg/m3 at 250 K and a Zra of 0.273
* Prevented a > 100% open value from being accepted as an input in the control valve data editor.
* Fixed a temperature propagation issue across a tee junction with phase change.
* Inconsistencies removed from setting the default properties of PD pumps.
* ISA liquid only correction factor was sometimes incorrectly calculated.
* Spurious non-converged message appeared in the Warnings List, for very large networks.
* Fixed a rare 2-phase bug with over 30 fluids in the mixture. No need to update from 3.35 unless you have 2-phase module and anticipate having more than 30 fluids in your model.
* Results at the outlet of sonically choked relief devices are now consistent with the limiting sonic flow.
* Fixed a bug that showed inconsistency of results when there are many networks on the same flowsheet.
* Improved pressure loss accuracy for Kv components used in gas calculations.
* Applied limits to pipe heat loss calculations for very low flows in order to avoid a math overflow.
* Fixed a flowsheet bug that occasionally appeared if the user clicked selector icon during pipe connecting.